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Name: RSM Legal LLP in London
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Ort: Givisiez
Bundesstaat/Provinz: NA
Land: Switzerland
Verschickt: 23.02.2020 14:56:45

Hello there everyone at tischlermeister-goetz.de! I am in the
midle of making an application for a newly qualified associate lawyer role
with Simkins LLP in London Could someone let me know where I can find the
careers webpage for this law practice? The job profile on the
https/latestlawjobs.com does not give any web links or further
information. I am mainly interested in newly-qualified solicitor jobs instead of training contracts.
I qualified by sitting the New york city bar exam andd
after that undertook the QLTS examination so the training contract route does not relate to me.
Many thanks in advance to evesryone att tischlermeister-goetz.de!

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